Monday, August 12, 2019

Building the Christine Plastic Model

This AMT model can be found at most hobby stores
When I was a kid, I built plenty of plastic models and my favorites were the Aurora monster kits. Regardless, whether it it is airplanes, cars, boats or any others, always start by completely reading the instructions. These will detail the paint colors to match the box. Of course, regardless of how meticulous you are with the paint job, don't be surprised if it doesn't look exactly like the box. Experience will dictate and the more you build, the better you will become.

Hint: When it comes to glue, NEVER apply directly from the tube. Use a toothpick, otherwise globs, smears and sticky fingers are assured. 

Building is for enjoyment and there is no need to hurry.
Just like any craft, take your time and allow plenty of time for both paint & glue to dry. Being impatient will open doors to mistakes. Detail is everything, but before doing anything, think about it first. How would you do it? What will you need to do it?

Hint: Always prefit every part to make sure they line up before applying glue. Hint: Spray paint always applies and looks better. To fill seams, use model putty and the sand.

Clamps come in handy and should be kept nearby
Besides clamps, a good toolkit will include a razor knife, tweezers & sandpaper.

Hint: Resist the urge to simply pluck the parts from the trees (what holds the parts). Otherwise, you may find yourself aggravated for having to fix broken pieces.

Using cotton balls, I customized a bit and made the seats furry
Regardless what I build, there is always a customization. With Christine, I spread glue on the center portion of the seats, left it sit a bit to get tacky, and then dabbed cotton balls. This created a furriness, but didn't look the best.

Regardless the project, detail is everything
The other customization I did was used black thread to create spark plug wires.

The finished product resting on the inspiration

Although I enjoyed the build, if I was to do it again, I would have chosen a deeper red hue for the body.

Building the Creature from the Black Lagoon

When the time comes for building another model, it will be one of these.